Kicking Horse Coffee, Ground, 10oz


This Kicking Horse Coffee, Dark Roast, Ground, 10 oz is the real deal. It is darker than most coffees I have had in the last several months, yet it has delightfully smooth, too. For me, that is a winning combination.

It arrives in a fold-down, resealable package. It was fresh I could tell when opening the bag. The scent was earthy AND heavenly. The taste is full-bodied. It is the perfect eye-opener for my family and me. Already ground, you are one step closer to your morning jolt of java.

Kicking Horse is Kosher and Certified Organic & Fair Trade coffee. These shade-grown Arabica beans are roasted 3,000 feet above sea level, near the Columbia River. The people behind Kicking Horse have been doing this for nearly 20 years, and it shows in this blend. I would say without qualification that it stands out proudly as one of the top three on my list of favorite tasting coffees ever. Good company!


The Kicking Horse Amazon product page is here for your perusal over coffee.

My original Amazon review is here if you are at all interested. I hope it is helpful.  🙂31GQx+GAy3L








Koffee Kult Coffee Gift Basket – Variety of 3 Whole Bean Coffees with Krups Grinder

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Terrific coffee AND a Krups grinder together are an excellent package for the coffee lover in your life!

This set marks my second Koffee Kult Coffee purchase. I am no less impressed with this than with my first venture. Now I do not wish to say I am in a “Kult,” per se, due to possible implications, but the coffee is stellar! Inside the box that beckons you to “be one of us” [their mascot is a squirrel who looks like he has had way too much caffeine LOL] is a quality Krups grinder for these fresh, whole coffee beans, and three packs of coffee: dark roast, medium roast, and Harrar.

My personal favorite is the medium roast. I do not think I make my coffee particularly weak, but I use less than one-half the amount the company recommends. They suggest twelve tablespoons per four-cup pot. My tendency is for slightly under six spoons. I will take that as it will last twice as long! I have used the coffee for my regular French press brewing. I have enjoyed it plain, with cream and sugar, and “bulletproof” style. With the warmer weather coming in already, I will soon be making cold coffee, and I cannot wait to taste it with Koffee Kult’s beans.

The Krups large capacity [3 oz] coffee grinder is simply a fantastic bonus and makes it all the better a gift if you go that route. I received this product at a discount to test and to write an honest, unbiased review.