Lightweight, & Edging is a Cinch!

I bought this WORX 20V 10″ Cordless Grass Trimmer/Edger [WG-155] to keep on top of the lawn work this year. I have a large yard. I wondered if this model could handle it. Thankfully, the answer is yes. The tendency is that I have had enough of the SC 90+ degree heat about the same time the battery runs low. I’m thrilled.

I am planning on getting another battery [20V & 18V MaxLithium Battery (WA3525)] as a backup, just as insurance.

The really satisfying part is how I set the line on the unit one time, and since that first day of use, it has been golden. I have never had a trimmer before that did not give me fits every time I used it because of the line.822465003613 Zen garden-type peace here. I would not go back to any of those I used in the past for anything.

The edger simply rolls across the pavement. Super easy and low effort!

This is the lightest weed eater I have used. It makes a tremendous difference over lugging what used to feel like an anvil around.



Pruning Shears by JEOutdoors

The package from JEOutdoors Pruning Shears includes a replacement spring. Eventually, the shears will need a new one, but thus far ours is doing well.

The look of the shears is artistic and fresh. The handles feature a wood pattern. They are spring-loaded. The blades and the hardware are sturdy high carbon alloy steel. The safety lock works efficiently with a simple slider that toggles between locked and unlocked.

The feel is comfortable in my hand. It does open wide, but even my daughter who has small hands can easily close it by inching up on the hand grip or by using two hands.

We have branches, stems, and vines around our house that my family is trying to take care to spruce things up on the property. This tool has done a good deal to help us in this project. It is a surprisingly durable instrument. The photos below include one that has a branch that is ¾” in diameter so that you can see that the device lives up to the promise in the description.

The JEOutdoors Garden Shears comes with a free lifetime warranty, so there is no risk.


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Interested in getting your own JEOutdoors Pruning Shears? Here is the Amazon product page.

This is my original Amazon review with original photos & video [by Barb Newman]. I hope you find it helpful.  🙂

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Folding Hand Saw For Camping/Pruning


I am straightening up the yard. My father-in-law calls that action “a police call,” which was a new one on me. In either case, I bought this All Purpose Folding Hand Saw for “back-up.” There are dead branches to cut away from trees and some thick vines attempting a coup d’état on the property. Their reckoning is upon them now.

So far small and medium branches are no problem to prune from trees. Vines on the ground and running up the trees are no sweat for this saw, either. Whether the high limbs or the low vines, they are getting clipped and carted away, as the as the saw is about 14″ long to reach in either direction.

The tool has a gear style lock for safety. Therefore, it will not open up in someone’s camping gear, or the like. It takes a bit of strength to open it up, so small children are safe from harm.

The ergonomic handle has an anti-slip and comfortable grip. Whereas I need to wear gloves to protect my hands, this is not the case when pruning now. My daughter and I with our small/ medium hands can use this tool perfectly well. It is easily stored in a camping bag, a toolbox, or hung in a shed or on a workbench.

I can foresee my daughter will be borrowing this saw for upcoming camping trips, as it would be ideal for making a campfire.

This pruner seems pretty durable with triple-cut teeth. It is also 100% corrosion and rust-resistant. There is a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on this Folding Hand Saw, so there is no risk.

Does anyone else use the phrase “Police Call” for outdoor clean-up? Is this descriptive term reserved just for outdoor work or does household work qualify when more than one person participates?

If you are interested in this camping and trimming saw, here is the Amazon product page.

Here are my photos and review. I hope you find them helpful.  🙂