I’m A Nut – California Raw Almonds 1 Lb -Whole,Unsalted, Shelled, Nonpareil Supreme Variety Resealable Bag

Eat these nuts right from the handy resealable one pound bag. Alternatively, maybe you are a more delicate flower (like myself) and select an elegant bowl. If you are the baking type, then these nuts will shine in home creations such as cookies or nut bread. 

Of course, nuts are a healthy snack in moderation, and these I’m A Nut whole, unsalted, shelled California raw almonds are no exception. The nuts have properties that lower both blood pressure and sugar, and cholesterol levels. Nuts are healthy fats, which are the best kinds to eat. Our bodies need high-quality fats, despite having been maligned. I’m A Nut is a snack that is high in lean protein, as well. I find a small handful will keep me from eating something unhealthy and tide me over until my next meal.

These nuts would be perfect for road trips and those on the go, as well as those who work at home and want to keep away from the kitchen. A dish on my desk keeps me from trouble. These would make an ideal addition to a Care package sent to a service person or a beloved student away at college.

I’m A Nut has some great nut products. My family has tried several of their varieties, and we have not been disappointed once; not when it comes to one of their packages or even on down to a single nut. They are particularly delicious and fresh tasting. Outstanding!

If you are interested in stocking this treat in your pantry, here is the Amazon product page link.

If you want to read my original review, then here is that link.



Lightlife’s Smart Dogs

I have tested a few brands of Veggie Hot Dogs over the years. These Smart Dogs by Lightlife stack up well against the other contenders in that class – which is where they belong– if you ask me.

They look like a hot dog, smell somewhat like one, but they do not cook up the same. On my low-fat kitchen counter grill, Smart Dogs bubble up oddly.

Honestly, this product will not likely wow meat eater or most kids. These, taste-wise, just do not have the flavor of a regular all-beef hot dog. The Smart Dogs are a bit more reminiscent of a turkey dog, perhaps. Adding the usual condiments to these and placing them in buns did nothing to make it seem more like the typical Frankfurter. In fact, the addition was a detraction in my opinion.

When I stopped trying to make them taste like all-beef hot dogs, then I enjoyed them much more. I made a suitable marinade for them consisting mainly of blended veggies. They were better when I thought of them as another entity entirely. I highly recommend a bit of experimentation. It was fun exercising a bit of creativity, too.

Bottom line, I would have given these Smart Dogs a 5 or 6 rating as a knockoff hotdog. As a healthier, lighter, non-meat product, I give it an 8 or 9. Maybe you have a family reunion or other event going on soon. Do not be afraid to offer these to Vegans, Vegetarians, or the health-conscious, etc.

These Lightlife Smart Dogs are good sources of protein, vegan-certified, and non-GMO. I love that these have healthier ingredients than do the castoffs of the meat-packing industry! I rarely eat hot dogs for concern for quality and safety. #AD #GotItFree #Healthier #Lightlife #SmartDogs #SocialNature


Wuudi Measuring Spoons [8] with Egg Whisk and Measuring Ruler for Dry or Liquid Ingredients


I wanted a steel set of measuring spoons so that I could hang them on my refrigerator. I finally order these after far too long of digging in drawers for the spoons when I needed them. Talk about inefficient when baking or cooking!

These Wuudi spoons are on a D-ring style link that pulls apart to add or remove one or more of them. The sizes are the standard: 1/8 tsp 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1 tsp, 1/2 Tbsp, and 1 Tbsp. There are also markings for mL. This set also includes a measuring ruler and an egg whisk, which were essentially bonuses to me, as I just wanted the spoons. The measuring ruler has already come in handy. The egg whisk is something I’ve thought about getting for a long time. Even the small whisks I own just seem too large for a single egg, so this size is great.

Being 304 stainless steel, these kitchen tools are durable. They should last years with no issue. They are not terribly heavy. The set and the bonuses are perfect for hanging on the smaller magnetic hook I own. Please see my original review here. If you want to see the product and possibly purchase it, go here

DALSTRONG Utility Knife – Shogun Series

Ergonomic, functional and exquisitely designed!

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This packaging and product prove that this is a company that believes in the “wow” factor. Everything about this knife says style and excellence. It comes with a custom sheath that you unlock by pulling out a pin. It is in a black velvet-lined knife box. The hinged lid is magnetic and explains the finer details of this Shogun series knife. Over that, is a sleeve for the box itself, so that it will never break open unexpectedly. It is a brilliant and elegant design.
Along with the knife is a thick booklet introducing you to the utility knife and describing the care of the product. Also, there is a cleaning cloth for your shiny new knife and a keychain embossed with the company name and logo. There has been no skimping on a thing anywhere with this blade. The purpose of the utility knife is to bridge the gap between the paring knife and the chef knife. It can do a variety of tasks well. 
This knife is nearly perfect. It is gorgeous. The blade and the end cap have the company lion logo engraved. The handle has three rivets with the center having a beautifully crafted copper mosaic pin. Embossed into the blade is their signature Tsunami Rose pattern. The handle is G-10 Garolite, having military strength steel, it is expected to last a lifetime. The Shogun series is Japanese VG-10 steel (aka “super” steel), and it has 66 layers of high-carbon stainless steel for durability, strength, and stain-resistance.
The most important things about knives, as gorgeous as this one is, is how they perform; be it in a professional kitchen wielded by a chef or in a home kitchen. My take after testing is that this knife cuts, dices, and slices everything with ease. Whatever I put on my cutting board might as well have been melted butter for how it held up against this blade. When I was an assistant chef, we had nothing like this fantastic knife. I am so proud to own several pieces in the Shogun series. These knives rank among my favorite buys ever on Amazon.
This utility knife has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. There is also a lifetime warranty against defect, so there is no risk. I received this product at a discount to test and write an honest, unbiased review.