Owen Kyne Windproof Double-Layer Folding Inverted Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle

Never Going Back To My “Ex”

Umbrellas have been around for 3,000 years or so. Why did it take until the 2,000’s for it to see “inside out” technology? The old standard design nearly guaranteed the user and the floor would get wet when closing it after use. There would be the puddle of water in your car where you set it down. It was hardly the best way to stay dry or keep things dry.

I heard about the inverse umbrella and was game to try one out. My daughter and I selected the A-Carmine style, but we had a tough time deciding, as we liked most of the fourteen options in the

Owen Kyne collection. The color and pattern of the one we chose are strikingly beautiful. Rain falls on everyone alike, but I catch myself smiling when I reach for this rain protection. It looks fantastic and functions perfectly. Old umbrella, you had ONE job! I am never going back to my “ex.”

The design is fantastic. The c-shaped handle allows you to hang it on your arm or elsewhere to store or dry off. One of my favorite things is that I will suffer no more pinches while opening or closing my umbrella. Those can hurt. It has happened more times than I care to estimate. There is a button to (gently) fold it up.

We have used it many times since it arrived, but the first time we needed it was the most telling about the durability and quality. Our area had a freak storm. It had been unseasonably warm but then got cold pretty rapidly. Torrential rain turned into hail. The winds were astounding. Sturdy trees blew over randomly. Power lines were down including ours early into the proceedings. People were dodging the lines and the trees in the roads in town.

Since the power was out, I walked next door to check on my in-laws using the new umbrella. I nearly decided against using it, as it would be a shame if the winds proved too much for it. It survived the trip there and back, and I did not get the least bit wet. I have had conventional umbrellas whose spokes snapped in lesser winds where I used to live in Upstate New York. This one is a keeper!

If you would like to see for yourself that inverted umbrellas live up to the hype, here is the Amazon product page. Click here to see my original Amazon review.



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