Trusource Protein Water Review

Trusource Protein Water

by TruSource
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4.1 stars based on 55 reviews

Webbie1965’s review Pickens, South Carolina

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20g of protein in a 16 oz bottle

Trusource Protein [Infused] Water has an excellent amount of protein– 20g in a 16 oz bottle. I tried the Fruit Passion flavor. The taste is fruity and reminiscent of a kid’s sweet drink to me. I am not used to artificial sweeteners, however, so that is a factor. I diluted it a bit with cold water and with some ice, and it tasted much better.

Due in part to the dilution, I have had the Fruit Passion Protein Water in three stages rather than all at once. I like that, as it is a better value when it lasts three times as long for me.

It is important to mention that milk is an ingredient as some people are lactose-intolerant. I liked trying this product. My suggestion would be to come up with a version without anything artificial and without milk so that everyone can enjoy it to get extra hydration and protein into their diet.


Things I like:

  • !6 oz. size
  • Hydrating
  • Refreshing

Need to improve:

  • Artificial ingredients
  • Artificial sweetener
  • Dye
  • Milk (for those allergic)

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