Book Review: Nukila Amal’s The Original Dream

The Original Dream

If you have Amazon Prime, then you might want to select this title as your Kindle First selection for December 2016. I recommend it if you see yourself doing so after reading this review of a sort. 🙂

This review will not have spoilers, nor will it say much about what transpires at all, in fact. I do not want to detract from it in that way. This review will merely state how I read it to the end.

In truth, I was not going to review this book at all or, if I ever did, not this soon. I am still marinating in it, or it is marinating in me. I am not sure. Thinking of it just today, and how a few weeks have gone by, I became curious about how others saw it. Did many feel likewise moved as I was after having read it?

I am somewhat surprised by the preponderance of negative reviews. Admittedly, the novel was confusing to me at first. Many reviewers by their account felt similarly. Naturally, I can appreciate that criticism. As I consider myself a researcher, I read for information probably more than most, Having adopted a regular “just the facts, ma’am” personality from years of reading straightforward articles, essays, and non-fiction, I recently started reading fiction again. [Finally!]

“What is the problem here?” I took my glasses off and rubbed at my eyes, mulling it over. I looked over at my daughter. Seeing her brought my husband to mind. The similarities in them will do that sometimes. He passed on years ago, yet he gave me a “eureka” moment as though he was right there. He had not been a reader. Movies were his reading preference. Being dyslexic, I suppose that was fortuitous.

Years ago, as craziness erupted on the big screen within the first few moments of the film, my husband whispered excitedly to our daughters: “Fasten your seatbelts, we’re in for a bumpy ride!” He knew right off he would enjoy the heck out of the movie if he just held on till the end– and just experienced it. He wanted them to do the same to get the full effect of the rush of free-falling.

I realized my modus operandi as the reader needed to change or this was not going to end well– if I even finished at all! I am too stubborn to admit defeat that quickly, trust me! I took a few deep breaths and vowed to go for the experience and to ebb and flow to the beat of the author’s stream-of-consciousness. It turns out; it is a ride, indeed!

Nukila Amal’s is a metaphorical and poetic treatment of prose in The Original Dream. It is not your usual read; it is true. If you prefer your narrative simple and straight, then you may go away utterly disappointed like some rich young ruler in the Bible– or as I nearly had done. However, if you are in it for the adventure of reading, of being translated elsewhere and altering your perspective on the turn of a dime, then this alley is one you want to meander down to see where it leads. This journey will prove the path less traveled by, but the lack of footsteps that trod it before does not imply it is barren or desolate. It is lush and rich with ideas as well as overgrown vegetation. The patient reader will prevail still. It has made all the difference– just as Robert Frost promised.

If you want to pick up The Original Dream, it can be found on Amazon here. It is available as a selection from Kindle First for the month of December 2016. It becomes available on January 1, 2017 for everyone.

Please check out and comment on my original Amazon review here. 🙂


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