Koffee Kult Coffee Gift Basket – Variety of 3 Whole Bean Coffees with Krups Grinder

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Terrific coffee AND a Krups grinder together are an excellent package for the coffee lover in your life!

This set marks my second Koffee Kult Coffee purchase. I am no less impressed with this than with my first venture. Now I do not wish to say I am in a “Kult,” per se, due to possible implications, but the coffee is stellar! Inside the box that beckons you to “be one of us” [their mascot is a squirrel who looks like he has had way too much caffeine LOL] is a quality Krups grinder for these fresh, whole coffee beans, and three packs of coffee: dark roast, medium roast, and Harrar.

My personal favorite is the medium roast. I do not think I make my coffee particularly weak, but I use less than one-half the amount the company recommends. They suggest twelve tablespoons per four-cup pot. My tendency is for slightly under six spoons. I will take that as it will last twice as long! I have used the coffee for my regular French press brewing. I have enjoyed it plain, with cream and sugar, and “bulletproof” style. With the warmer weather coming in already, I will soon be making cold coffee, and I cannot wait to taste it with Koffee Kult’s beans.

The Krups large capacity [3 oz] coffee grinder is simply a fantastic bonus and makes it all the better a gift if you go that route. I received this product at a discount to test and to write an honest, unbiased review.


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