Aloe Gano Cafe Latte: Tastes decadent, but it has a metabolic boost!

I officially love Aloe Gano Cafe products. I have tried their Skinny Coffee, their Cappuccino and now their Latte. They are so good! This comes in classy packaging. It would make a super gift. The sachets themselves are an elegant gold with brown/black logo and print. Scattering them in a gift basket for someone who adores coffee. Talk about being made to feel special!

Each package is pre-mixed so that you do not have to worry about measurements or getting it “just right” yourself. Every cup is consistently stellar! It is as quick and easy to make as it is to boil water. Are you going without your morning eye-opener because you think you do not have the time? Maybe you are giving up on coffee-based drinks altogether because you have read that coffee is unhealthy? Give this a try. I bet you will be pleasantly surprised on both counts. I was.

This is a premium-quality coffee drink that you might seek out at your favorite coffee shop. Your favorite spot cannot match this, though, as It is the rare place that would be able to match the healthful ingredients in here. This is a 100% arabica coffee latte. Arabica is one of my family’s favorites.

I tend to focus on no-calorie beverages like water and tea with nothing added, but the 100 calories that this has is worth it to me on occasions when I want to treat myself and get some real energy and a metabolic boost. Each package has superfood extracts; namely, acai berry, aloe vera, and reishi mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum). This is even low-acid. As both my daughter and I can sometimes feel ill due to the acid content of coffee, this is wonderful for us. Neither of us has experienced any stomach issue with Aloe Gano Latte. I received this product at a discount to test it and to write my honest, unbiased review.

Aloe Gano Cafe Latte